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Ride Fearlessly, with Spot!

Cascade Bicycle Club and Spot Injury Insurance are your safest riding partners! Spot’s On-the-Bike Coverage pays your medical bills up to $25,000, with $0 deductible, each time you’re hurt while on your bike. Ride, race, or train with peace of mind—Spot’s got your back!


Cascade Bicycle Club members get Spot for just $65 for an entire year.


Ready to ride fearlessly with Spot On-the-Bike coverage?

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All about Spot

Who is covered?

Exclusive to Cascade Bicycle Club members.

What is in it For You?
  • True annual coverage. You’re protected for an entire year starting the day you sign up.

  • You’re covered 24/7 anywhere in the US and its territories.

  • Ride and race without worry. You’re covered for any accidental injury anytime you’re on a bike—including training, touring, commuting, gran fondos, on- or off-roading, and e-bikes up to 750 watts*. Only racing that is sanctioned by Cascade Bicycle Club is covered.




Accident Medical Expense Coverage


Accidental Death or Dismemberment Coverage




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Purchase Spot

For annual coverage you must be a current Cascade Bicycle Club member.

Not a Cascade Bicycle Club member?

Click here to join today, and then purchase Spot.

Cascade Bicycle Club is the policyholder and coverage is underwritten and claims are serviced by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Group. Coverage is subject to the terms conditions and exclusions of the policy. Digital and customer experience is serviced by Spot.

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What medical costs are covered under Spot?

Is Spot health insurance?

How does the $25,000 coverage amount work?

When am I covered?