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Breaking a bone shouldn't break the bank.

You can now add Spot to your athleteReg registration. Spot can offer you up to $25,000 of insurance coverage if you're injured while participating in your event. Your plan works whether you have health insurance or not. The policy is best for those with inadequate or high deductible healthcare plans and those without health insurance. You can rest assured knowing Spot has your back for your next event

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All about Spot

Who is covered?

Anyone participating in activities sponsored or supervised by athleteReg.

What is covered?

Cycling, running, skiing, and triathlon activities.

When are you covered?

Anytime you’re participating in activities sponsored or supervised by athleteReg.

Where are you covered?

Anywhere in the US.

Registering for a USA Cycling event through BikeReg?
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Accident Medical Expense Coverage


Accidental Death or Dismemberment Coverage




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Already Purchased Spot Coverage Through athleteReg?


What medical costs are covered under Spot?

Is Spot health insurance?

How does the $25,000 coverage amount work?

When am I covered?

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