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Breaking a bone shouldn't break the bank.

Spot covers your medical bills anytime you get hurt while you're on the mountain—whether you have health insurance or not. A Spot policy is best for those with lousy or high deductible healthcare plans and those without health insurance.

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All about Spot

Who is covered?

PSIA-AASI Level 1 (or greater), certified members of Professional Ski Instructors of America & American Association of Snowboard Instructors, participating in ski and snowboard related activities in the U.S.

What is covered?

Ski, snowboard and mountain biking related activities.

When are you covered?

Anytime you’re skiing, snowboarding or mountain biking.

Where are you covered?

Anywhere in the US and US territories.




Accident Medical Expense Coverage


Accidental Death or Dismemberment Coverage




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Purchase Spot

Get Spot x Cascade On-the-Bike coverage through December 31, 2021 or for just a single Cascade event.

For Annual coverage you must be a current Cascade member. Not a Cascade member?

Click here to join today, and then purchase Spot.

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You must register for the event through Cascade.

All Cascade events are included in annual coverage.


What medical costs are covered under Spot?

Is Spot health insurance?

How does the $25,000 coverage amount work?

When am I covered?