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As an active INSTADINK team member, you’re covered anytime you’re playing pickleball in the US. For injuries big and small – we've got your back on the court.

Get Spot

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Spot can cover up to $25,000 of your out-of-pocket medical expenses with zero deductible, whenever you're playing pickleball anywhere in the US. Your plan works whether you have health insurance or not and with any existing insurance plans you may have.

Get hurt

If you have an accident, focus on your injury first and get the treatment you need. Go to any licensed physician, hospital, ER, or urgent care clinic that is convenient to you. Whatever your physician recommends as treatment should be covered, whether that’s diagnostic tests, scans, surgery, specialist visits, prescriptions, procedures, hospital stays, ambulance or air ambulance rides, physical therapy, and more.

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Get paid

Filing a claim with Spot is simple, really. It’s just a matter of taking pictures of your bill(s), explaining how you got injured, and providing a few other details. Once you file a claim, you will be given a personal claims representative who will work with you to determine the best plan for your medical and financial situation.

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What medical costs are covered under Spot?

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